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Dave Kirk-Jones

I am you. I am a stakeholder in the New Zealand game. Like you, I grew up playing rugby barefoot in rugby paddocks. Graduated to boots and had some highs and lows in my rugby career.

I stopped playing when I damaged my shoulder putting a hit on a BOP player in a festival game in Poirua in 2002, which didn't go so well..... which made it a nice, because it made a pair with the other shoulder injured 10 years earlier.

I got into Rugby in 1981 watching the Springboks and remember Wellington losing the shield in 1982 vividly. But, like most Kiwis I like the underdog. I remember the team from Manawatu being a fearsome beast. I know who Gary "Axle"Knight is, and the fact that I watched him single handedly hold the Auckland 1988 pack (and they weren't bad) at bay at Eden Park. Manawatu with mass defections (( as it was back then dominated by students). Or as Mark "Cowboy" Shaw said "Jandal wearing hippies")) lost heavily that day, but the love affair began with the underdog.

I attended Massey Uni, watched Stu and John Cruden, Lee Stenesses, Sam Doyle and George Konia carve up teams. But also lose the important ones. But how we celebrated when we won. I sure the hangover from the 58-24 win over Ireland in 1992 will soon pass.... Followed Manawatu to Paeroa, Ruatoria, Pukekohe, Nelson, Blenheim, Napier, Whangarei and was delighted when they... rightly or wrongly were the 14th team in the Air New Zealand Cup.

The Turbo's since 2006 have the ability to play 60 min's of good rugby and 20 min's of dire rugby. But they are getting better. That's the point. The Turbo's WILL increase their revenue in 2009, they WILL have good players coming through their academies, they WILL increase playing numbers in the area, they WILL play better, they WILL contribute to the All Blacks, and most importantly they will ad-her to the NZRFU criteria.

The last bit is the point. And so will most unions. So why the hell are you trying to destroy the Air NZ Cup?And please spare me the line of playing in a meaningful competition. Bollocks.It's not. Try getting TV coverage for a second Div Competition and sponsorship. And your commitment to club window.

North Harbour managed to play all their Reps in a club final and THEN started training for the Air NZ Cup, so it can be done. Utter bollocks. As to the teams they are bringing up to play in the 2nd division.... Look at the catchment areas alone. All of the unions you are targeting as "meaningful" unions to play the Culled 4, have less than 100,000 people. They will be flogged. Wanganui and North Otago who are great heartland unions and playing in a good potentially great competition , will be flogged. The culled 4 have Academies, youth teams and a long term financial plan and scouts.

The jump for these unions is too much. North Otago only had 7000 come through the gate in all of 2008, Northland did that in one game......In Keri Keri. it's a disaster waiting to happen. Remember Wairapara Bush refused to play the Turbo's in a pre-season game, because it wouldn't do their team any good to be flogged. So, it's up to you, the Kiwi, the fan, the Tribal supporter to get off your bum, support your side, get along to the game, a make your voice heard. Sign our petition page, or sign them at the game.

Apathy is not an option and time is short. For our end, the lobbying starts now. Local Councils, MP's,Supporter groups and Media will be targeted.

But nothing shows support than a big "SaveOurTeams" flag You need to sign up, and get involved to Save your team



Kevin Hare

I am a fan of Rugby all over the world weather it be Andorra or Zimbabwe , South Africa or Wales. I also came up with a Fantasy rugby Competition back in 1996 called Worldfantasyrugby.net (WFR) and we are now in our 13th Year of operation.

To show you how the internet can be a powerful tool Back in 2001 I emailed my members of WFR who were based around the world , they replied and then was Born the "WFR ALL STARS RFC" The Worlds First Rugby Team to play a real life Tournament by a team brought together by email , participants were from Wales , Australia , Zimbabwe and New Zealand.

The Tournament was played in Wellington New Zealand we did not win a Game but the Spirit of Rugby was there for all to see , we repeated the exercise in 2002. But to the Air New Zealand Cup and Heartland Championships, my heart is New Zealand Rugby. The changes implemented in 2006 made NPC Rugby more exciting to watch so when Dave Kirk-Jones asked me to help him I did not think twice.

I remember vividly watching at 3am on Sunday Morning watching the All Blacks in South Africa back in 1976 And I can just remember as a 4 Year Old seeing the All Blacks on Black and White TV. I remember when Counties were a force in the NPC along with Manawatu Hawke’s Bay etc. and unfortunately I remember the Years and Years of Nelson Bays /Hawke’s Bay winning the 2nd Division , only being denied by a Promotion game "a one Off Game" that they loose then Back to the second Division to repeat the same scenario the next season.

I am a Wellingtonian and love watching rugby especially the Lions of course , and now we have more games and more teams to play and sometimes Upsets , how close did TASMAN get last season .... We here at Saveourteams are pleading for your support , to show the NZRFU that at the end of the day it is the fans , not the Sponsors who make this game work in New Zealand .

It is the hard working loyal volunteers who keep the wheels greased and make sure every Saturday games are played and Parents who take their children to rugby matches.

As someone has stated on the Petition page , South Africa "PROTECT" their Currie Cup Competition they are passionate about that competition , THEY ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. Makes you think ?

So as said when Dave asked me to build the Site I said Yeah Ok , Then he said "I want it up By Monday" OOuch ! But after a sleepless weekend the site is here , everything you need is here , And I would like to thank ALL our Supporters who have joined since.

And as a Fan of Rugby in New Zealand I say to the NZRFU "Please Reconsider , for the sake of Our Game , and for the Sake of our Provinces and for the continued success of All Blacks"



Tasman Supporters Club

Thanks so much for getting "Save our Teams" site up and running, this is giving so many of us somewhere to actually put what we feel down and hopefully it will make a difference!! The support for our Tasman Makos is amazing, everyone is talking about them and look at our standing!!! Our home grown boys are just doing marvellous, we couldn't be prouder of them, especially considering the AXE that has been hanging over their heads now for the past 3 years!!! The feeling here is that NZRU has lost touch with the rugby community, who clearly do not want them to change something that is quite obviously working so well. Hell, look at the resurgence of people now following the rugby, they must have noticed and I am sure Sky will be telling them. They are going to loose out big time if they drop this down to a 10 team competition!!! The there is simply the fairness of how they may make their decision…. Why pick on the Makos? Wouldn't it be more correct to drop the bottom four teams!!! Yeah well that isn't going to happen now is it!! What a joke!!! You have to ask the question what is the true agenda? Rugby in general is going to be the loser, where is all our young talent going to go?? Off-shore I BET!! What incentive is their going to be for our young talent? NONE WHO is going to benefit? NONE OF THE LOYAL SUPPORTERS AND PLAYERS that's for sure. It is going to affect all levels of rugby in NZ! " THE TASMAN MAKOS - OUR PASSION RUNS DEEP'


Rose McDonald
Tasman Rugby Union Supporters Club
P O Box 29


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