11th December 2009

WE WON !!!!!!

14 TEAMS to play in 2010


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Neil Sorenson

NZRFU accepts Our Petition :

- 13th November 2009 -

34,726 say

"NO" to change

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TOTAL from Save Our Teams
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Presented 13/11/09

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On Going Total Online Signatures

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2,678 presented , ongoing online total is :



*In association with "Save the Makos" and "Save the Turbos" we shall be adding their Numbers to our Overall Total , Awaiting OFFICIAL Numbers from Organisers as we will present ALL 3 Petitions to the NZRFU Stay Tuned for an upto date figure

Petition began 28th September 2009

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Interesting Comment from Signatore #2601

2601 - Grit Fleischhauer - Southland

"I am German and I can only watch rugby on the internet. I have very much enjoyed this season and if any team will be dropped I doubt I can enjoy their games in the future (no tv coverage = no internet coverage) - which would be a real shame."

Our Message goes Global

New Zealand rugby heading for civil war

& Same Article is in Top Stories in the http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport


Save the Turbos

Our Mission

The NZRU Constitution clearly states, under Objects And Powers, that the union is to "promote, foster and develop rugby throughout New Zealand".

So help us to preserve the Air New Zealand / Heartland Championship in its current format and to convince the NZRU that the smaller unions should not be axed...


Winning Team in BOLD , Significant 2009 Results :

Hawke's Bay 47 v 13 Auckland

Southland 16 v 6 Waikato

North Harbour 23 v 26 Northland

North Harbour 15 v 19 Tasman

Otago 19 v 26 Southland

Southland 23 v 25 Manawatu

Manawatu 19 v 12 Otago

Tasman 23 v 9 Waikato

Counties-Manukau 33 v 21 Taranaki

Taranaki 29 v 16 Wellington

North Harbour 17 v 34 Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay 32 v 10 Otago

Tasman 12 v 8 Auckland

Bay Of Plenty 19 v 22 Hawke's Bay

Canterbury 3 v 9 Southland (RS) 50 Years 1 Month in the Making

Manawatu 42 v 16 North Harbour - The Turbos 1st Victory EVER against HARBOUR

The 2006 reorganization of New Zealand provincial rugby replaced the NPC's former three-division setup with two distinct competitions. This differs from the original two-division setup used in the NPC from its creation in 1976 to 1984 in two key ways. First, the two current competitions are nationwide, while the original NPC Division Two was split on a North Island/South Island basis. Second, the NZRU ruled that there would initially be no promotion or relegation between the Air New Zealand Cup and Heartland Championships a feature that had always been present in the former NPC. Also, the number of teams was reduced to 26, as the Marlborough and Nelson Bays unions merged to form the new Tasman union. So now the NZRU are proposing a Change to the format of the Air NZ Cup / Heartland Championships. We are Asking for them to reconsider as this will harm the smaller unions who have made great advances since 2006



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